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About IMakeBitchesLookGood.com

IMakeBitchesLookGood was an idea brought about like any other brilliant idea; after several glasses of wine while hanging out with a friend who has modeled for me countless times. I was about head home after an evening of planning a shoot and catching up, when she made a comment about how I make girls look good in photos. I must have been wearing my sassy pants that night, because the words out of my mouth in response were ‘I make bitches look good!” followed by giggles, my eyes widening and blurting out “OH MY GOD! IMakeBitchesLookGood.com!”


So, hello.. I grew up around cameras; my grandpa was a hobby photographer, and one of my grandparents got me a 110 film camera when I was a kid that I used as often as my parents would let me. Over the years, I moved away from that camera, upgrading as I got older until finally I bought my very first DSLR.

I’ve had the chance to photograph all sorts of people from all over the world. I’ve come along way from my first film camera; now I have a professional camera, with professional lighting, and a good deal of experience and skill.